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    Beijing Xishiku No 31


    Beijing Jingyi Jingye Electric Co., Ltd. is the property owner and operator of the park, and is affiliated to the modern service sector of Jingyi Group. In accordance with the new positioning of the capital function and the development plan for Xicheng district, the park will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of Jingyi state-owned enterprises and the owner/operator of the park, improve its operation capacity and space quality, and forge a well-known IP brand IP in the cultural industry.

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    Beijing Cidi Memo FunTown Cultural and Creative Park


    Founded in 2012, Beijing Cidi Memo ITown Office Group is based in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other first-tier cities, and is committed to becoming a leading brand in urban renewal and operations in China.

  • E9 Zone Innovation Workshop


    Founded in 2014, Jiujiu Factory (Beijing) Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a mixed-ownership company controlled by Shounong Food Group. The company takes industrial integration as the core development concept, and is committed to becoming the best high-end industrial park operation service provider and innovative industry service platform in China.

  • Innovation Park of Film and Television Culture Industry of Beijing Film Academy (Pingfang Park)


    Beiwen Times is a leading digital cultural operator and pan-cultural entertainment IP operator in China that belongs to the cultural industry sector of CITIC Group.

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    Dongyi International Media Industry Park


    Dongyi International Media Industry Park is developed and operated by Beijing Zhongshi Dongsheng Culture Media Co., Ltd. It is located in the center of the Beijing Chaoyang National Cultural Industry Innovation Experimental Zone, and covers an area of 180 acres, 230,000 square meters of which is set aside for construction.

  • Economic Daily Culture and Finance Integration Innovation Park


    The main businesses of Beijing Cultural Innovation Workshop Wenjin Asset Management Co., Ltd. are industrial park operation, cultural enterprise incubation, project investment, asset management, property management, and corporate management consulting.