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E9 Zone Innovation Workshop

|Updated : 2022-09-21

Founded in 2014, Jiujiu Factory (Beijing) Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a mixed-ownership company controlled by Shounong Food Group. The company takes industrial integration as the core development concept, and is committed to becoming the best high-end industrial park operation service provider and innovative industry service platform in China.

The company is one of the first municipal-level cultural industry demonstration parks to be nominated in Beijing, among the sixth group of makerspaces in Beijing, a national high-tech enterprise, a Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, an off-campus teaching and research practice base of the School of Cultural Industry Management, the Communication University of China, a director unit of the National Alliance for the Protection and Utilization of Old Factory Buildings and Urban Cultural Development, the director unit of the Enterprise Credit Promotion Association of the Cultural and Creative Experimental Zone of Chaoyang District, Beijing, and a Gold Award winner for Best Park Operation Innovation at the 3rd Cultural Industry Academy Awards.

The E9 Zone Innovation Workshop is an urban innovation partner, a gathering place for innovation resources, and a booster for industrial upgrading. It is located at the intersection of Guangqu Road and Shuangqiao East Road, Chaoyang district, Beijing. The workshop covers an area of 78,700 square meters and has a planned area of 100,000 square meters. It creates a cultural and technological integration industrial cluster that integrates industrial heritage cultural displays, startup business incubation acceleration, public cultural content operation, and creative life and leisure experiences.

(Copywriter: Wang Liyan)