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Innovation Park of Film and Television Culture Industry of Beijing Film Academy (Pingfang Park)

|Updated : 2022-09-21

Beiwen Times is a leading digital cultural operator and pan-cultural entertainment IP operator in China that belongs to the cultural industry sector of CITIC Group. It aims to lay out a large pan-cultural entertainment industrial park across the country, integrate scientific and technological industry resources, create an atmosphere of cultural and scientific and technological innovation, and open up the industrial ecosystem through output of industrial resources, content and product, combined with operation and management. In addition, it intends to gather cultural technology enterprises and talents to provide an innovative ecological platform for the development of the digital cultural industry.

The park is a model project operated by Beiwen Times (Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd. By integrating popular commercial projects and fashionable catering formats, it strives to create an entertainment social brand that conforms to the consumption characteristics of Generation Z - "Five Cats Entertainment Mall". Relying on the deep accumulation of high-quality industrial resources and the in-depth exploration of new industrial models, the park will continue to offer warm cultural content and innovative entertainment consumer products and will realize the transformation and upgrading of industrial parks to occupy the field of cultural consumption as an innovative cultural ecological platform.

(Copywriter: Wang Liyan)