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Dongyi International Media Industry Park

|Updated : 2022-09-21

Dongyi International Media Industry Park is developed and operated by Beijing Zhongshi Dongsheng Culture Media Co., Ltd. It is located in the center of the Beijing Chaoyang National Cultural Industry Innovation Experimental Zone, and covers an area of 180 acres, 230,000 square meters of which is set aside for construction.

As a national cultural industry demonstration base and a Beijing-level cultural industry park, Dongyi's office environment leads in the latest trends, demonstrating that all kinds of supporting facilities should be completed within a healthy ecosystem. It integrates business office and cultural leisure, and is committed to becoming an influential high-quality, international and ecological industrial cluster in Beijing noted across the whole country.

Dongyi Park has all kinds of supporting facilities and a healthy industrial ecosystem. In addition to the garden-style single-family office building, it is also equipped with three studios, the Huayang Nianhua Movie Theme Hotel, the New Via Business Hotel, and the Dongyi Art Museum, as well as a city bookstore, conference center, sports hall, basketball court, multi-story parking building and other facilities to meet the varying needs of cultural practitioners.

(Copywriter: Wang Liyan)