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Economic Daily Culture and Finance Integration Innovation Park

|Updated : 2022-09-21

The main businesses of Beijing Cultural Innovation Workshop Wenjin Asset Management Co., Ltd. are industrial park operation, cultural enterprise incubation, project investment, asset management, property management, and corporate management consulting.

It is a cultural investment and operation company integrating the planning, operation, cultural enterprise incubation and cultural enterprise investment of cultural and creative industrial parks. Its current operating park is the Economic Daily Culture and Finance Integration Innovation Park, with an operating area of about 35,000 square meters.

The park takes "culture" and "creativity" as the core and cultural and financial integration development as the main line, and adheres to the tenet that providing office space is a service. By providing characteristic service packages for enterprises in the park, it coordinates and connects resources at all levels in the urban area and promotes adjustment of cultural industry structure. 

(Copywriter: Wang Liyan)