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Beijing Xishiku No 31

|Updated : 2022-09-21

Beijing Jingyi Jingye Electric Co., Ltd. is the property owner and operator of the park, and is affiliated to the modern service sector of Jingyi Group. In accordance with the new positioning of the capital function and the development plan for Xicheng district, the park will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of Jingyi State-owned enterprises and the owner/operator of the park, improve its operation capacity and space quality, and forge a well-known IP brand IP in the cultural industry.

Focusing on urban renewal in the core area of the capital, the park will optimize and enhance the local cultural taste, and form a new cultural landmark to be known as Xishiku No 31.

Looking straight ahead to Zhongnanhai, side by side with Shichahai, and adjacent to Xishiku Church, the park covers an area of 35,803 square meters and has 28 buildings in a building area of 57,719 square meters. The industrial relics of the former Beijing Low-Voltage Electrical Appliance Factory have been built into a high-quality cultural industry park integrating culture, finance and technology. The nominated Beijing-level Cultural Industry Demonstration Park has become a new carrier and platform for attracting creative talents and gathering creative industries in the core area of the capital.

(Copywriter: Wang Liyan)