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    Jiacheng Hutong Creative Workshop


    Beijing Oriental Jiacheng Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. ("Jiacheng" for short), established in 2007, is a professional service enterprise focusing on urban renewal and space operation.

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    Laijin Cultural and Creative Industry Park


    Beijing Guomian Cultural and Creative Development Co., Ltd. was established in February 2009. The shareholders are: Beijing Beiao Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jingshang Weilai Culture Development Co., Ltd.

  • Langyuan Vintage Creative Art Zone


    Beijing Capital Langyuan, which belongs to Beijing Capital Group, a large State-owned enterprise under the Beijing Municipal Government, is a well-known brand in the field of Beijing's cultural industry. It is the first Langyuan to create a cultural "space + content + industry" integrated service operation mode, by creating a warm cultural industry ecology, providing public cultural service content, enabling the operation of cultural industry parks.

  • "Xinhua 1949" Cultural Finance and Innovation Industry Park


    China Printing Co., Ltd. was established on Dec 22, 2010. It is the first-level parent company of China Cultural Industry Development Group Co., Ltd.(CCIDG). The China Printing Co., Ltd. is a subordinate unit of the group.

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    Beijing Xingguang Tuocheng Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Relying on the Starpark investment and operations in 2005, it takes the whole industry chain ecology of audio-visual content creative production as the core driver, the audio-visual park as the carrier, and drives the innovation and development of the industrial chain with the R&D and intelligent manufacturing of audio-visual equipment.

  • ZPark (ZGC Software Park)


    Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park Development Co., Ltd. (ZPark) was established in August 2000. It is a science and technology park service provider for the big information industry.