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|Updated : 2022-09-21

Beijing Xingguang Tuocheng Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Relying on the Starpark investment and operations in 2005, it takes the whole industry chain ecology of audio-visual content creative production as the core driver, the audio-visual park as the carrier, and drives the innovation and development of the industrial chain with the R&D and intelligent manufacturing of audio-visual equipment. The development system of the audio-visual cultural industry, and the operating space of the cultural industry is nearly one million square meters.

The park serves leading audio-visual platforms such as CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV, Aiyouteng, Station B, China Television Sports, Migu Video, "Impression, Return, Dreaming" series, as well as well-known cultural and tourism projects at home and abroad.

The park  is located in Daxing National New Media Industry Base. The Publicity Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee approved it as a municipal-level cultural industry demonstration park. Since it was put into operation in 2006, it has produced many phenomenal programs (such as Avenue of Stars, Beijing Spring Festival Gala, Happy Comedians, Qipashuo (I Can I BB), etc.), covering multiple industries such as studio, intensive office, single-family office, production research and development, and commercial facilities, gathers more than 1,000 pan-cultural industry chain enterprises such as Yangguang Shopping, Heilongjiang TV Station, and Aerospace Architectural Design and Research Institute.

(Copywriter: Wang Liyan)