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Zhongguancun Yonghe Hangxing Science Park

|Updated : 2022-09-21

Beijing Hangxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the Third Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation. Founded in 1939, it has developed into a collection of aviation products for development and production, high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information products for development and other developments in the modern service industry. It is a large-scale high-tech industry integration enterprise.

With a strategy of "scientific and cultural integration, innovation-driven development", Hangxing Park has been nominated as a Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Demonstration Park, and named a Beijing Small and Micro Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base, a Zhongguancun Innovation Incubator, and a Beijing Maker Space, among other distinctions. The honorary titles have promoted the rapid development of the park and its enterprises. A total of more than 100 co-undertaken and co-organized events such as innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, trainings, salons, roadshows and seminars have been held there, serving more than 5,000 people and 300 enterprises.

Hangxing Science Park is located on Hepingli East Street, Dongcheng district in an area of about 135,000 square meters. Under the policy of "Dual-driven by technology and culture", the park has attracted enterprises in the fields of film and television, games, media, big data, artificial intelligence, culture and finance; Beijing Enlight Media and other renowned media companies are current tenants. As of last year, more than 300 companies had come to Hangxing Park to create an annual output value of about 40 billion yuan ($5.67 billion).

(Copywriter: Wang Liyan)