Construction of 'two zones' boosts Beijing's culture industry

The "two zones" refers to the National Integrated Demonstration Zone for expanding opening-up in the service sector and the China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

The construction of the "two zones" is an important responsibility entrusted to Beijing by the country, and it is also a historical opportunity for Beijing's development. The "two zones" refers to the National Integrated Demonstration Zone for expanding opening-up in the service sector and the China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

The construction of Beijing's "two zones" was launched during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, with 403 new measures implemented. The city's service trade accounted for about one-fifth of that of the country.

Let's take a look at how Beijing's culture industry is developing under the construction of "two zones".

1 Xicheng district

Xicheng district

​To create a national-level cultural industry development demonstration park and foster a batch of municipal and district-level cultural industry parks.

The goal is to implement the "Three-year Action Plan for the Promotion and Development of the Cultural Industry in Xicheng District" to attract well-known international and domestic cultural enterprises, and to promote the construction of the core area of Beijing's "City of Design" with global influence and popularity.

The district supports the Tianqiao Performing Arts Zone to build a cross-border integrated performing arts operation cultural cluster and improve the development level of China's Beijing Publishing Creative Industry Park.

It will also explore a new path for the development of the cultural industry that integrates new technologies, new scenes, new experiences and new consumption.

Xicheng will organize international cultural exchange activities with industry influence, create new cultural experience routes and products that serve international exchanges and enhance the international influence of cultural brands.

2 Dongcheng district

Dongcheng district

Dongcheng will give full play to the advantages of its "National Public Cultural Service System Demonstration Zone" and the "National Cultural and Financial Cooperation Demonstration Zone" to promote the integration and development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries.

More and more cultural resources will be tapped, and the charm of the new era of ancient capital culture, red culture, Beijing flavor culture, and innovative culture will fully blossom.

Dongcheng district has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the National Theater of China and the National Art Museum of China and will cooperate with the National Art Museum of China to promote the construction of "one museum, one city" and will set up a "public art gallery" using public spaces in key business districts and characteristic neighborhoods.

At the same time, the district will cooperate with the National Theater of China to build an international theater exchange center, a Chinese theater art gallery, and a theater culture experience center, so that "Drama Dongcheng" will benefit as many people as possible.

3 Chaoyang district

Chaoyang district encourages cultural enterprises to explore overseas markets, carry out export of cultural products and services, and conduct overseas investment and other businesses.

Certain incentives may be given to support the national key enterprises of cultural exports that Certain incentives may be granted to encourage and support cultural enterprises and relevant institutions to create international copyright trade platforms as well as global-oriented platforms for the display, auction, and trading of cultural and artistic products.

Incentives may be given to support cultural and financial innovation services carried out by bank branches specilized in serving the cultural and creative sector, cultural securities, cultural industry-related insurance, and cultural enterprise equity transfer platforms.

4 Haidian district

Haidian district

To further development of the gaming and e-sports industry, Haidian has incorporated it into the support for the development of the science and technology innovation zone of the Free Trade Zone, and is actively exploring paths for its development.

The output value of its Zhongguancun Science City Digital Cultural Industry Park in 2020 exceeded 10 billion yuan($ 1.55 billion).

Haidian will also use all-round support and special funds to promote game research and development and content creation and support the construction of technology platforms and the gathering of top international and domestic first-class enterprises and e-sports clubs, as well as construction of e-sports venues and events and development of game industry exchanges activities and promotion. It will also advance the development of excellent e-sports live broadcast platforms, operating platforms, and e-sports media, promote the high-quality development of the capital's game industry in Haidian, and help with construction of a national cultural center.

5 Tongzhou district

Tongzhou district

The construction of the Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone with Universal Studios as the core is the focus of the implementation of the "two zones".

In May of this year, the first phase of the Universal Studios theme park will be unveiled, and it is expected that there will be about 12 million visitors each year. Next, Universal Studios will also step up plans to build the second and third phases. Around Universal Studios, Tongzhou cultural tourism zone has also reserved eight square kilometers of industrial land, which is currently under planning and design.

6 Fengtai district

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Fengtai district will seize the opportunity of "two zones" construction to further stimulate its modern service industries such as finance, technology, culture, and commerce, and enhance financial support, technological innovation, cultural influence, and business competition while striving to create a new model for the capital's open development.

7 Daxing district

Daxing district

In terms of gathering high-end market players, Daxing district plans to newly register about 100 wholly foreign-owned and Sino-foreign joint ventures, of which about 20 percent are to be settled in the pilot free trade zone, and cooperate with 1-2 foreign-funded financial institutions, 3-5 operational foreign-funded cultural entities, 2-3 foreign-funded and Sino-foreign joint venture R&D institutions, 2-3 international schools and 1-2 international medical institutions.

In terms of the implementation of major functional projects, the district plans to make every effort to guarantee the construction of 28 pilot free trade zone projects, promote the implementation of 21 projects with significant influence, and focus on building 5-8 general-purpose platforms and 10-15 cluster-driven projects. The space carrier strives to achieve total investment of more than 100 billion yuan, more than 60 percent of which will be foreign.In terms of cultivating emerging development formats, the district plans to maintain an average annual growth rate of service industry value added above 8 percent, accounting for more than 72 percent of GDP by 2021, and reaching about 75 percent by 2023. Modern service industries such as finance, technology, information, business, and culture will account for more than 40 percent of GDP.

8 Shunyi district

The cultural trade industry will be based on the national foreign cultural trade base (Beijing), and focused on the development of high-end industries such as cultural media, audiovisual productions, and game and animation copyright and creative design. The district will create an international film and television animation copyright trading platform, and explore the development of the intellectual property insurance business and gemstones trading business, guide qualified foreign-funded enterprises to carry out global cultural art (non-cultural relics) exhibitions, auctions, and trading businesses, and explore and innovate an international high-end art exhibit model in the comprehensive bonded zone.

9 Changping district

Changping district

The Life Science Park and its surrounding areas in Changping district are the core area of the city's medical and health industry and the main front for the construction of the science and technology innovation area in the Free Trade Zone.

Changping will strengthen and optimize the two leading industries of medicine and health and advanced energy, cultivate and expand key industries such as intelligent manufacturing, new-generation information technology and technology services, and promote the implementation of a number of major demonstration projects with international leading effects.

10 Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (E-Town)

Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (E-Town)

According to the policy, the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, also known as Beijing E-Town, in Daxing district will spend 10 billion yuan every year to support the implementation of major projects, construction of a laboratory and innovation center, scenario applications, technological transformation, and industrial collaboration through guidance funds, loan discounts, incentives and support.

One focus will be high-precision industry development. More than 5 billion yuan is to be arranged every year to support the implementation of major industrial projects through equity investment and fund investment. The area plans to arrange 500 million yuan in special funding for the four leading industries in the region every year to support their development and 500 million yuan of annual special funding for scientific and technological innovation to guide all kinds of social capital into technological and innovative enterprises and attract high-quality enterprises to develop in the economic development zone.Comprehensive support of up to 100 million yuan will be given to national laboratories, national technological innovation centers, national industrial innovation centers, and national manufacturing innovation centers.

11 Shijingshan district

Shijingshan district

Shijingshan district will build a science fiction industry service platform to create a new highland for Beijing's science fiction industry. It will also promote the construction of Shougang Park's science fiction industry start-up area and encourage the use of industrial plants and idle space to build a science fiction consumer experience center.

At the same time, the district will seize the opportunity of Beijing to host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, promote the implementation of projects such as the core area of the Winter Olympics and the West Ten Winter Olympics Square, and create a "featured winter sports zone" and a "national sports industry demonstration zone."

12 Fangshan district

Fangshan has many precious "origin cultures" such as the Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site, the capital city of Yan vassal state during the Western Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century to 771 BC) and Yunju Temple; they are a natural emphasis for it.

13 Mentougou district

Mentougou district

Mentougou will first combine the construction of the "two zones", develop sightseeing agriculture, characteristic agriculture, and boutique homestays, create a batch of agricultural products brands with regional characteristics, and explore the advantages of ecological resources, cultural resources and its characteristic agricultural products.

It will then take "Yard+" pastoral complexes as the core, focus on "Mentougou Small Yard", "+what" and "how+", increase the added value of boutique homestays, and strive to achieve village cultural identity in 100 villages during the "14th Five-year Plan" Boutique B&B in Mentougou Small Yard.

Finally it will insist on taking boutique homestays as an important starting point for promoting rural revitalization, relying on the "6+1" cultural system of "six major cultures" + "outdoor sports experience culture" and characteristic forest fruit planting, develop the "Mentougou Small Yard+" characteristic industry system and promote the development of boutique homestays.

14 Yanqing district

Yanqing district will speed up the construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt. Focusing on the three "golden business cards" of the Winter Olympics, the World Garden, and the Great Wall, and adding the Yanqing Park in Zhongguancun, the comprehensive commercial service area in northeast Xincheng, the Recreational Business District (RBD), and the Winter Olympics area as the main carriers, the focus is to be on fostering modern special industries such as horticulture, ice and snow sports, new energy and energy internet and drones.

15 Pinggu district

Pinggu takes its World Leisure Conference, China·Beijing Leisure Conference and the National Global Tourism Demonstration Zone as the starting points to accelerate the quality and upgrading of the leisure tourism industry. It will shape the regional characteristic brand, and create a characteristic leisure and green economy innovation development demonstration zone. The district will also integrate the tourism resources of the whole region, build characteristic towns, enrich tourism nodes, develop boutique homestays, hold festivals, excavate cultural characteristics, and build up a beautiful countryside.

16 Miyun district

Miyun district

Based on its unique ecological advantages, which include its apiarian, wine and other characteristic industries, as well as its leisure tourism and high-end business functions, Miyun district will promote green and high-quality development.

Giving full play to the industrial agglomeration and leading role of the "one park" and "one district" of Zhongguancun Miyun Park and Huairou Science City East District, the district will focus on international leisure tourism and high-end business conference centers, e-commerce, scientific and technological services, biomedicine and health care and will promote implementation of key demonstration projects.

17 Huairou district

Project tasks in Huairou district include the construction of 29 large scientific installations and cross-research platforms, as well as important tasks in scientific and technological services, the film and television industries, conferences and exhibitions, and infrastructure construction.

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