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Beijing Municipal Cultural Industry Parks

|Updated : 2022-09-20

The development of the cultural industry is an important basis for meeting the diverse and high-grade cultural needs of the people. It is an inevitable requirement for stimulating cultural creativity and promoting the construction of a culturally powerful country.

As a national cultural center, Beijing shoulders the responsibility and mission of high-quality development of the national cultural industry. The cultural industry park is the office space of the enterprise, the realization scene of cultural consumption, and the embodiment of cultural vitality, value and output level of a city.

In 2020, 98 municipal-level cultural industry parks selected by Beijing have become important platforms for cultural construction and urban renewal in the capital. The Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Administration Center (SOCAAC) actively promotes the implementation of the project called "Several Measures for Beijing to Promote the High-Quality Development of Cultural Industry Parks." It takes cultural industry parks to promote the high-quality development of cultural industries.

Let's take a look at the award-winning and nominated municipal-level cultural industry demonstration parks in Beijing.

(Copywriter: Wang Liyan)