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National Base for International Cultural Trade (Beijing)

(chinadaily.com.cn) |Updated : 2021-08-02


The whole industry chain services cultural and creative enterprises in terms of creative manufacturing, warehouse logistics, exhibitions and trades.[Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

Industrial layout

The National Base for International Cultural Trade (Beijing) is composed of International Center for Cultural Trade Enterprises, International Cultural Products Center, and International Trading Service Center for Cultural Products.

International Center for Cultural Trade Enterprises

A batch of independent buildings with distinctive architectural characteristics will be built in the Center of International Cultural Trade Companies. It will attract domestic and foreign cultural trade companies; and form an international and intensive supply platform for modern service industry as well as a concentration area for high-end cultural enterprises from both home and abroad. The Cultural Bonded Zone will provide all-round services for cultural trade, including research and development, innovation, design, production, warehousing, logistics, customs clearance, insurance, evaluation, assurance, exchange settlement and financial leasing.

International Cultural Products Center

The Center is the designated zone for the exhibition, warehousing and logistics of cultural products in the bonded area that provides long-term services such as exhibition, promotion, logistics and trade negotiation.

One of the Center's major tasks is to introduce world-class companies for cultural bonding, professional warehousing, logistics for exquisite products, innovative design and e-commerce. It can provide internationally standardized transit and warehousing services for the entry and exit of cultural product exhibitions, offer bonding and warehousing services that meet the standards of museums for international institutions of art work collection and operation, e-commerce companies and individuals, and build a service base of bonding and logistics for world-class cultural and art products.

Besides, more services will be available such as the right confirmation, examination, evaluation and source check for cultural and art products during import and export procedures, as well as professional services including transiting, bonded storage, check and repairing, and import buffering for operation institutions and logistic companies of art and cultural products.

International Trading Service Center for Cultural Products

The Center will provide intermediary services such as international cultural trade, export-import agency, trade consulting, financial services, and trade and delivery for Chinese and foreign cultural companies. It is expected that the Center will become a pilot platform for policy adjustment and service innovation of national cultural authorities.

Demonstration projects

The Base sticks to the policy of "ideas exchanging, resources sharing, projects coordinating and common development", and focuses on demonstration projects such as the Beijing Gems Trade Center, Beijing Artwork Trade Center, Beijing Film and Television Trade Center and Beijing Design Trade Center, so as to promote the comprehensive development of the Base.

Gems Trade Center

The Gems Trade Center is a state-level factor market of high-end scarce resources. It devotes efforts to a fair, just and safe international trade environment for worldwide gems producing and trading companies.

Artworks Trade Center

The innovative artworks trade center, with artworks as the major trading objects, features import and export trade, transit trade and free trade services. It will provide open trading exchange services for worldwide cultural artworks trading institutions.

Film and Television Trade Center

Film and Television trade center, taking international film and television program manufacturing, international film and television service trading, and film and television industry incubating as core orientation, is an innovative trade center for global talents, technology and equipment.

Design Trade Center

By bringing domestic and international design trade resources, integrating international high-end designer brands and design customized services, the center forms service elements of the design business, such as integrated marketing, design copyright and design pilot manufacturing, builds up channels that bring overseas design trade resources to Chinese market and let creative Chinese design enter overseas trade market, and establishes the window status of China’s international design trade, as it becomes China's national platform for global design trade market.

(Copywriter: Wang Liyan)