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A brief introduction to Beijing Cultural Industry Policy Service Platform

(bjwzb.gov.cn) |Updated : 2020-05-11

The mission of the Beijing Cultural Industry Policy Platform is to implement the Major Projects of Beijing's Publicity Conference of 2013”, to integrate the government's policies and serve the entities of the industrial development. The platform is market-oriented and takes companies as the main body. It can promote the infusion and mutual development of the government, industries, universities, research facilities, and financial institutions.


Now, the platform works via the "cloud service" in three aspects. City and district level culture-promotion departments of Beijing are brought together via the "policy cloud", providing policy support to those companies. Besides, the cultural and creative industry parks, and institutions including investment and financing, intermediary and human resources service are combined to offer value-added services to companies via "service cloud". The platform is also aimed to build a policy service network covering the whole city through resources allocation and joint cooperation. 


As for working channels, with the help of the offline policy service hall, this platform offers face-to-face policy consultancy to visitors; a policy search database was built and the recent 425 policies on cultural and creative industries were divided into 6025 terms through 136 dimensions, which has helped the companies search policies via different key words and make a customized plan. 


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