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Measures to support development of virus-hit Beijing cultural enterprises

|Updated : 2020-02-25

1. Start applying for funds for 2020 Beijing publicity and culture projects (film, press and publication) in advance, to ensure that funds can be allocated in the first half of the year.

2. Start this year's municipal special fund application for movies in advance, to ensure funds can be allocated in the first half of the year.

3. Extend the application period for the 2020 Beijing culture and art fund, as well as increase the proportion of micro, small and medium-sized cultural enterprises applying for project funding.

4. Launch the 2020 applications project supporting Beijing physical bookstores in advance.

5. Adjust the requirements for radio and television and network audio-visual works selected by Beijing radio and television network audio-visual development fund in 2020 to the works created, produced and broadcasted from June 30, 2019 to July 30, 2020. This will ensure that excellent radio and television and network audio-visual programs produced and broadcasted due to the epidemic delay can be included in the scope of the application.

6. For exhibitions suspended due to the epidemic, if they continue to be held after the epidemic in Beijing -- and the number of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the exhibition exceeds 50 percent of the total number of businesses participating in the exhibition -- a certain subsidy will be given towards the venue rental fee.

7. Delay the payment of social insurance premiums for cultural enterprises and extend the collection period for premiums payable in January and February to the end of March.

8. Encourage digital publishing enterprises and associated cultural institutions in Beijing to open high-quality content resources, online performances, functional games and other digital cultural content services to the public free of charge during the epidemic, and recommend excellent cultural projects apply to the cultural and publicity fund.

9. For the rent of eligible micro, small and medium sized cultural enterprises, subsidies will be provided based on a special rental policy, and the supporting scope of the policy will be expanded.

10. Encourage suppliers of books and other associated products to postpone accounts settlement of physical bookstores for 3-6 months.

11. During the epidemic period, cultural industry parks providing rent reductions and hardship assistance for resident cultural enterprises will be supported by policies and funds in the identification and management of the municipal cultural industry park.

12. Increase support for themed works, such as building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

13. Widely solicit stage plays, films, TV series, documentaries, publications and online audio-visual works reflecting anti-epidemic deeds and select and support high-quality works.

14. Establish a seed bank for key projects such as stage dramas, movies, TV series, documentaries, publications and online audiovisual during the epidemic, and guide the whole process to ensure that they can be published and released on time.

15. Promote the integrated development of culture and technology, support key technologies such as 5G, AI, 4K/8K ultra high definition, big data and blockchain. Support a batch of application scenario constructions of 5G, AI, 8K ultra high definition, smart broadcasting, smart cultural tourism and "Internet + Chinese civilization".

16. Accelerate the construction of smart parks, make full use of 5G, big data and other new technologies and improve the scientific management of parks.

17. Accelerate the integrated development of newly emerging business formats such as online education, online games, digital music and digital publishing

18. Give full play to the role of culture in driving consumption, further expand the issuing scope of electronic coupons for cultural consumption, issue coupons for specific industries and provide key support to industries affected by the epidemic.

19. Improve the construction of a linkage system for related financial policies, effectively reduce the investment and financing costs of cultural enterprises and encourage financial institutions to serve the development of cultural enterprises.

20. For cultural enterprises that have difficulty operating due to the impact of the epidemic, but have prospects for development, do not collect loans in advance, do not withdraw or delay loans, and provide loan renewal services for related enterprises.

21. Continue to increase the provision of credit to cultural enterprises. In 2020, the banks' loans to cultural enterprises in Beijing will increase by no less than 15 percent year-on-year.

22. Launch the special rediscount product "Beijing cultural enterprise special rediscount support tool", further optimize the process and conditions of use, and support financial institutions to improve the convenience of financing of high-quality cultural enterprises.

23. Support cultural financing guarantee institutions to develop new guarantee products and services -- such as small and medium-sized enterprises' collective bonds, collective trusts, short-term financing bonds and bill businesses.

24. Some measures on increasing financial support for the healthy development of cultural industry have been issued to accelerate the construction of national cultural and financial cooperation demonstration zones. Adjust and optimize the risk compensation mechanism, promote the establishment of cultural and creative banks and cultural development funds, and improve the cultural and financial support system.

25. Strengthen the construction of smart government affairs in an all-round way, and promote more cultural affairs to be handled online or on mobile.

26. Strengthening government procurement of grassroots public welfare performances after the epidemic.

27. Support the development of leading cultural enterprises. Accelerate the implementation of a series of services for municipal cultural industry parks. Accelerate the construction of the national cultural industry innovation experimental zone, and continuously promote the integration and innovation of cultural industry policies.

28. Strengthen the construction of cultural public service platforms, give full play to the role of cultural creativity, financial services, cultural and creative board and other platforms, and provide relevant policy services for cultural enterprises.

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