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Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group

|Updated : 2019-01-09

Established in December 1997, Bejing Gehua Cultral Development Group is a large state-owned cultural enterprise in Beijing.

Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group was established in December 1997 and is a large-scale state-owned cultural operating institution in Beijing. Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group adheres to the mission of “transmitting the Chinese civilization and be the creator and carrier of outstanding culture", builds a large-scale state-owned platform-based cultural industry group, committed to becoming a first-class cultural service provider based on the capital, facing the whole nation and going to the world.

Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group, with cultural services as its main business, has formed a "one core and two wings" business system with design services as the core and traditional culture and large-scale cultural event as its support, using high-quality resources, excellent teams, and excellent facilities to provide full-process services of creative design, cultural exhibitions, and large-scale events.

Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group has nurtured professional marketing brands such as Beijing Design Week, Photo Beijing, and China Millennium.

In the new historical period, Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group will focus on solving the main contradiction between people’s expectations for a better life and unbalanced and insufficient development, closely link to the theme of National Cultural Center construction of the capital, take Beijing Design Week as the starting point and design services as the main line, continue to promote the construction of cultural service supply capacity, and contribute to national cultural development, cultural prosperity and the construction of National Cultural Center in the capital.