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Beijing Administrative Measures of Recognition and Specification for Cultural Creative Industrial Park (trial)

|Updated : 2018-11-29

Beijing Cultural Creative Industrial Park refers to the specific region which is constructed, operated and managed by a unified organization in the administrative division of the city. It prioritizes the cultural and creative industry (CCI) to gather a number of CCI legal entities and help them expand the scale. Furthermore, it could provide corresponding infrastructure and industrial public services and could promote the economic and social development of the surrounding areas.

In a bid to incorporate all kinds of qualified projects in the industrial park into the municipal management and strengthen the guidance and services for the development of the cultural creative industrial park, the recognition of the cultural creative park is carried out for all the city's cultural parks annually by the office of Municipal Leading Group on Cultural System Reform and Development.


Requirements for application of culture and creative industrial park

The management committees on the construction and operation of parks are allowed to apply for culture and creative industrial park.

1. Qualification requirements for parks.

(1) Comparatively comprehensive plans for construction and development

(2) Construction or renovation is already completed, with space and related facilities that meet development requirements.

(3) The occupancy rate of the park is not lower than 70 percent before application.

(4) Comparatively good public service system.

(5) Relatively clear industrial positioning and industry characteristics, and takes CCI as the leading industry.

(6) The number of cultural creative legal entities in the park accounts for more than 70 percent of the total number of legal entities that have already settled in the park.

(7) Offer positive products and service contents.

(8) Produce good social and economic benefits.


2. Qualification requirements for management committees on the construction and operation of parks

(1) A legal entity registered in Beijing.

(2) No violations of laws and regulations.

(3) Professional management team.

(4) Sound management and operation mechanisms.



Supporting policies and services for recognized parks

1. Recognized parks could enjoy preferential treatment in the municipal cultural creative industry policies such as the protection and utilization of old factory buildings and preferential funding.

2. The office of the Municipal Leading Group on Cultural System Reform and Development will give priority to the evaluation, financial support, publicity and promotion for parks which have demonstration effects.

3. To encourage parks to construct CCI public service platforms for better servicing enterprises' development, those eligible investment and financing service platforms could enjoy related CCI supporting policies.


Management evaluation for recognized parks

The evaluation for recognized parks would be carried out regularly every year. A park that fails assessment and fails to meet the requirements of rectification within the prescribed time will be canceled and its application for re-recognition will not be considered for at least two years.


Materials needed for recognition application

1. Beijing Cultural Creative Industrial Park Application Form

2. Construction and development planning for park

3. Report on park’s operating conditions

4. Copies of business license of legal entity and organization code certificate of the park's constructing, operating and managing institution

5. List of legal entities that have settled in the park at the time of filing; copy of business license (copy); copy of leasing contract signed with the park's constructing, operating and managing institution

6. Copies of park's Real Estate Ownership Certificate and Property Ownership Certificate

7. Copy of Lease-Management Contract

8. Other materials

(This English version is only for reference. To learn more, please refer to the authoritative Chinese version.)