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Training session held for cultural policy analysts

|Updated : 2018-11-09


Cultural policy analysts take part in a training session held by Beijing cultural and economic policy service platform, on Nov 1. [Photo/bjwzb.gov.cn]

A training session for 27 analysts of cultural policy was held by Beijing cultural and economic policy service platform in Beijing, on Nov 1.

The policy analysts work at economic parks and industrial organizations around Beijing, and many of them liaise between government departments and firms operating in the culture industry, as well as providing policy advice, project promotion, and feedback on projects.

During the training session, issues such as taxation for people working in the culture industry were covered, with detailed presentations given by Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office (SOCASAO) and Beijing Municipal Tax Service Administration.

The attendees made many suggestions during the session, including that disused factories should be redeveloped as quickly as possible, that more financial incentives should be provided for the micro culture industry, and that a new support system should be established for Beijing’s culture industry.

Over the next two to three years, the cultural and economic policy service platform will concentrate on providing full-coverage of policy service stations in the city’s economic parks. And more policy promotion meetings and training sessions are planned for people working in the industry.