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Beijing Publications Distribution Group Co Ltd

(bjwzb.gov.cn) |Updated : 2018-10-15


The exhibition area of Beijing Publications Distribution Group Co Ltd at the 25th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), on Aug 22 [Photo/VCG]

Established on March 10, 2004, Beijing Publications Distribution Group Co Ltd is a large-scale State-owned culture enterprise supervised by Beijing Publicity Department.

The group mainly engages in the wholesale and retail sale of books, CDs, DVDs and electronic publications. With a diversified development model, its businesses also cover the areas of publishing, auctions, tourism and e-commerce. 

The group’s sales system can be roughly divided into four parts, with its subsidiary companies responsible for different areas: Chinese books (Beijing Xinhua Bookstore), foreign language books (Beijing Publication Import and Export Company), used books (China Book Store), and online sales (Beifabook website).

At present, the firm owns hundreds of bookstores, among which Beijing Book Building, Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore and Zhongguancun Book Building are regularly ranked among the nation’s top five bookshops.

With operations in China’s 34 provinces and cities including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 17 countries including the United States, Canada and Japan, it has dedicated itself to developing into a center for exhibition and trade publications.